Team Training

Take your training to the next level with our Competitive Team Training Program. 

This is by invitation only, so please contact the gym if you are interested. 

Competitive Training Team takes your skill work to a new level.

If your child is ready to take their training to the next level they are invited to join our Training Team. From there they can become a USAG and/or AAU Competitor. The Competitive Teams are designed to teach your gymnast the values of dedication, goal achievement, & team spirit. Schedule a free evaluation to see what level we would recommend for your child.

Team Coaches constantly work with each child's to progress, set goals, and further their abilities. Each season there are Parent Conferences to discuss your child's progress and the direction they're headed.

AAU is the Amateur Athletic Union & USAG is USA Gymnastics. Both are competitive leagues. Each league is different in many ways, often by judging standards, difficulty, size, and competition schedule. Several of our USAG members also compete on the AAU league as well.

Private lessons are also available. Several of our team members take private lessons each week with our coaches to help boost skills, train new skills, develop routines, or polish skills.